Our Story

Marid Coffee – Specialty Coffee Roaster

Coffee is a genuine part of Arab culture and always been so. It’s one of the pillars of hosting within our traditions and is fueled by the generosity we hold so dear within our values.

We are a start-up  business, proudly Saudi, that revolves around finding you the best coffee at an affordable price. We are certified by the SCAA and SCAE as Roasters and Baristas.

Each member of our team has a different story to share about his/her love of coffee.  It’s the drink we enjoy with friends and family and we serve our guests.  It’s also the drink we have when the rest of the world leaves us be. It gets us through the good and bad times. We sip our coffee when we fish through the night. We drink our coffee to stay up when we study. We each have different memories sunk in our own cups. We all agree that coffee has become an integral element of our lives.

 We scrutinize all the details from the tree to your cup. Our coffee has a story that starts with us and ends in your cup: 

 We look through the globe for great green Specialty Coffee.

 We import the coffee into our shop in the Eastern Province, while preserving it in controlled atmospheric conditions.

 We experiment with different roasts to highlight the best flavor notes we perceive.

 We roast in small batches in proportion to orders to make sure you always get a fresh roasted bag of coffee.

 We TASTE the coffee after 24 hrs of roasting to make sure we like what we sell.

 We bag the coffee, and ship it to your door.

You write the rest.