Colombia El Diviso - كولومبيا الدفيزو

Country : Colombia
Farm : El Diviso
Varietal(s): Bourbon
Processing: natural
Altitude: 1,490 metres above sea level
Town: Palestina
Region: Huila
cupping notes: Mango, peache, Tropical fruits.



with his start in farming coffee, Delvin lazo the owner of El Diviso farm, planted 4000 coffee tree in a small space in the farm. he was hoping to produce a good quality coffee and sell it with a good price. but all that went away. while the farm workers were trying to remove the fallen tree wood that was blocking the roads they accidentally set it on fire. few moments were enough to get the fire into the farm and destroys the plants, with it his dream went away. 

A year later and after he got married to Estella he was looking for a source to heighten his quality of his life. so he turns back to focus on his farm. he sold some of his stuff and added some money he saved. he returned to managing the farm with his new bride. after harvesting he heard a good feed back regarding the quality of his crop, yet it wasn't clear to him what they were saying. he heard that it was floral and carnalized. his lack of knowledge and experience was stopping him from understanding all that but he was eager to learn about coffee and he enrolled in farmers competitions. 
now, after 48 year of producing coffee and exporting over the world. Delvin, his wife, kids , and his grandkids  all work in the farm that produces a high quality coffee and one of the top rated around the world.